Tu Meng Bi (TMB) is aimed at raising funds for a variety of initiatives with the intent to build a network of companies and projects with a wide portfolio of products and services.

Blockchain Hub

Building a central hub as a foundation of innovative technologies, and creating space to nurture community growth.

Community Development

Provide economic and social benefits for the community through the adoption of new technologies.


Protect the environment and adhere to UNESCO obligations through innovative use of Blockchain technology.

Welfare Program

To reach out to the underprivileged. To provide education and vocational training to develop new skill sets.


Create the most forward thinking investment models and opportunities for foreign and include local investors.


Enhance Palawan's reputation as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

Ownership Rights

TMB is linked to business fundamentals and adheres to established legal guidelines, which means you actually have ownership rights when it comes to TMB.

Passive Gains

Locking in to TMB for a project allows TMB hodlers to gain passive income in the form of tokens.

Utility Generation

TMB intends to generate additional value from its projects by generating utility tokens (UTMB) to be used within the TMB ecosystem.

A compelling value proposition.


To be the fastest growing investment conglomerate within the Asian corridors through community effort and technological advancement with blockchain technology.


To continuously innovate and optimize the human capital and corporate resources of the company through development of blockchain technology and the establishment of dedicated communities within Asia.

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Tu Meng Bi (TMB) is a new ERC-1400 token that is fully compatible with third-party wallets and exchanges. Distribution of TMB tokens will be done in several rounds in multiple trenches.

  • Apr Start of Private Sale
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sep
  • Oct End
Start 4th of April 2019
Total TMB Tokens 387,500,000 TMB
Company Reserve 77,500,000 TMB (20%)
Investor Allocation 310,000,000 TMB (80%)
Token Protocol ETH - ERC1400
Project TMB 1.0 (Hotel Resort)

2019 Proposed Roadmap

We envision a bright future for TMB. Take a look at what we have planned for the months ahead.

April 2019

- Launch of private sale

- Formation of partnership

- TMB 2

- Ai World Resort

May 2019

- Marketing campaign launch

June 2019

- New Alliance

- Tour

- Hotel

- F&B Outlet

July 2019

- Announcement of new projects

August 2019

- Arrival

- Conference in Palawan Island

Palawan Blockchain Network

Visit our Palawan Blockchain Network website to learn more!


We’ve gathered some of the best minds in business, finance, and technology. Get to know the TMB team.

Alex Tang


Terry Wilkinson

Technical Advisor

Dato' Daniel Chan

Advisor - Special Projects

Nicholas Ling

Architect (Konzepte)

Noh Hong Kyun


Surinderpal Singh

Advisor - Corporate Affairs

Alex G. Lee


Our Partners

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Find answers to common questions here. If you need more information, please get in touch with us by sending us an email.

1What is the use of the TMB token?

TMB token is an asset based token and its main function is used to develop, finance, and maintain projects on Palawan Island.

2How does TMB work?

Tu Meng Bi (TMB) will provide access to variety of projects within its ecosystem. Each project will have its own unique reward system. An investor may lock in their portion of TMB tokens in order to finance and develop the selected projects.

3Is TMB a utility token?

TMB is not a utility token. TMB is an ERC 1400 token designed to be an asset based token. TMB will have functions pertaining to profit sharing and possible ownership of company properties/projects. These are the core attributes of the TMB token. (e.g. fractional ownership of property) as properties of the TMB token.

4What kind of projects does TMB intend to develop/finance?

Tu Meng Bi (TMB) intends to approach many broad and diverse verticals within its ecosystem. Amongst the few sectors we are exploring are, but is not limited too:
1. Environment
2. Tourism
3. Welfare
4. Investment
5. Technology
6. Community Development

5What are the benefits of using TMB?

Besides profit sharing and ownership rights over said projects, upon successfully locking and funding a project, a project will generate UTMB. UTMB will act as a utility token within the TMB ecosystem.

6What is UTMB?

UTMB is the native token of the TMB ecosystem. UTMB can be used for various goods and services throughout all of TMB ecosystem projects so long as those projects are under the TMB ecosystem.

7Will there be an ICO for TMB token?

TMB will not be undergoing an ICO.